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    Functional Programming for the Un-Principled

    About FourMA New Definition of Success

    About the Author: Aron has worked over 35 years for high-tech companies in the US and Israel. He served in senior positions doing technical development and software project management. As one of the original developers of Statemate, a statechart simulation tool, he was a co-winner of the 2007 ACM Software System award (Statecharts are now part of the Unified Modeling Language). For many years he also served in senior positions doing international sales and marketing for major high tech companies. A serial entrepreneur who co-founded one of the earliest successful interactive media agencies, an Internet B2B services company as well as a software startup which developed a patented data security/privacy platform.

    Aron currently serves as the CIO of Emelai.

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    About FourMA New Definition of Success