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Resources & Tools - SPS Open Source Security Tools Course

last modified 2006-10-09 11:57 PM

Online Magazines and Weblogs

Security Focus

Linux Security

Slashdot - News for Geeks

O'Reilly Network's Security Center

O'Reilly LAMP Development's Security Center

The Open CSO Project

Marcus Ranum

Bruce Shneier

Jay Beale

eWeek Security

Secunia - Vulnerability Monitoring

NT Bug Traq Mailing List

CIAC HoaxBusters

Richard Bejtlich Security Blog

Historical Cryptography

Matt Blaze's Cryptography Resources on the Web


Ubuntu Linux

Top 75 FOSS Security Tools

Bastille Linux

Sam Spade

DNS Stuff (Online)

SElinux for Ubuntu


OpenSSH for Windows

Lightweight OpenSSH for Windows

NetFilter/iptables Project

ShoreWall Firewall

SmoothWall Firewall



AMaViS - A Mail Virus Scanner

Clam Win FOSS Anti Virus

SpyBot Search & Destroy

chkrootkit - Check for Root Kits

rkhunter - Yet Another Root Kit tool

Blacklight - Root Kit checker for Windows

MAC Address Decoder (Online)

MAC Changer for Linux

tcpdump for Windows

Ethereal network protocol analyzer





Tripwire (FOSS version)


Syslog Data Mining Tools

Swatch: the Active Log File Monitoring Tool

SEC - Simple Event Correlator


Nagmin - Nagios webmin plugin

Open Network Managment System

Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases

Snort GUI Analysis


OpenVAS - FOSS version of Nessus

Attack Tool Kit for Windows

GNU Privacy Guard


CERT Coordination Center

SANS Institute


Computer Security Institute

Certified Information System Security Professional

Center for Internet Security

NSA OS Guidelines

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

DOE Computer Incident Advisory Capability

RFC Editor

American Cryptogram Association

Center for Democracy and Technology

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